The Williams College Committee on Accessibility

The Williams College Committee on Accessibility exists to address issues on accessibility for all Williams College students and employees. The Committee provides a forum for addressing issues and needs related to disability, disabling conditions and accessibility within the Williams College community in a consistent, clear and comprehensive way.

In many cases, a person with a disability or disabling condition may have contact with multiple campus entities in an attempt to resolve a variety of issues. The membership of the committee, therefore, includes representatives from a diverse range of departments which may have responsibility for the support of any member of the Williams College community with a disability or disabling condition.

    • To educate the College community about disability-related issues
    • Advocating for accessibility for all members of the campus community.
    • To address long and short-term compliance issues related to the ADA and other laws impacting accessibility.
    • Increasing awareness and academic engagement related to the diverse needs of individuals with disabilities.
    • Working to develop initiatives and projects to address issues demonstrating the campus commitment to welcoming and accommodating students, staff, academic employees and visitors with disabilities.
    • Make recommendations to senior staff on policy and for initiatives intended to enhance the ability of Williams College to serve as a leader on issues of accessibility.
  • The Committee on Accessibility will be made up of:

    • faculty members from all divisions
    • At least one student from each division
    • Staff from a range of offices such as the Dean’s Office, the Dean of the Faculty Office, Office of Student Life, Human Resources, Facilities, Custodial Services, Campus Safety, the Bursar’s Office, Registrar’s Office, the Chaplains Office. Career Services, Study Abroad, the Davis Center and Admissions
    • ADA compliance officers (who will serve as Co-Chairs)
    • All members of the committee should be volunteers, members of the campus community who have an interest in these matters.


The Committee will meet twice a semester.  A small working group will be designated to meet on an “as needed” basis to monitor the execution of committee objectives.