Parking Accommodations

A parking accommodation can provide the option to bring a car to campus when it may not be otherwise allowed by College policy. Students who require a parking accommodation should apply through the Office of Accessible Education and must have a documented need related to a disability or temporary medical condition.

Accommodations are typically approved in the following situations:

  1. Students who were not able to secure a parking spot through the usual lottery system and find that they need parking on campus for disability- or health-related reasons.
  2. First-year students who, for disability- or health-related reasons, need an exception to the College’s policy that first-year students are not allowed to have a personal vehicle on campus.

Please note that the parking accommodation process does not provide specific lot assignments and a spot may not be available near your residence hall. If a student has difficulty navigating campus or getting to their assigned parking spot due to mobility issues, they will be able to use the CSS transportation system for rides. Please speak with an OAE staff member for more information about this option.

Alternatively, students with ongoing mobility issues, or those with a temporary condition lasting longer than a month, may wish to apply for an ADA placard through the Registry of Motor Vehicles in their state of residence. ADA placards, whether temporary or permanent, allow individuals to park in designated ADA spots on campus.

If you would like to request a parking accommodation, please follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the Parking Accommodation Request form
  2. Upload supporting documentation from your healthcare provider to Accommodate (instructions below). Documentation should be a letter from your healthcare provider that clearly states your need for parking, the relationship to a medical condition or disability, and the length of time you will need parking access.
  3. Schedule a meeting with a member of the OAE staff to discuss your request (Contact Us).

Instructions for Submitting Documentation:

  • If you already have a relationship with OAE, please submit a Supplemental Request form in Accommodate by navigating to Accommodation > Supplemental > Add New. There is a place to upload documentation as you’re filling out this form. If you acquire documentation after submitting the Supplemental form, please upload your documentation to Accommodation > Documents > Add New.
  • If you do not yet have a relationship with OAE, please fill out this Accommodation Request form to open a case file in our system. You can upload documentation while filling out this form, or fill out the form and then upload documentation by logging into Accommodate using your Williams email and password and navigating to Accommodation > Documents > Add New.

More information about having a car on campus can be found on the CSS Student Vehicles page.