Online Education and Academic Accommodations: Frequently Asked Questions by Students

Student FAQ

Q: Is the Office of Accessible Education still operational?   

Yes, OAE is still operating Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. All appointments and services will be conducted via phone or virtually until further notice. Virtual Walk-in hours will be held beginning April 6 on Tuesdays 4:30-6:30EST and Thursdays from 2pm-4pm.

If you have a question or concern, please either email Jean Grant at [email protected] or email or call GL Wallace at [email protected]  You can also contact GL Wallace via text or phone at  413 200 7997.

Q: What happens now that exams are online? How do I get extended time for an online exam?  

You will still have access to accommodations for additional time.  Please communicate with your instructor to discuss your exam accommodations in their courses.  OAE is available to instructors and students to discuss circumstances under which an accommodation is not believed to be applicable. If your instructor is creating online timed exams, please notify your instructor or OAE if you will need extended time.

Q: I had a note-taker assigned to my in-person class. Now that class is online, will I still receive a copy of the notes?  

Once you have learned from your instructor on how they will adapt the course for virtual instruction, please let OAE know if you would like to continue receiving notes.  OAE will also contact all students who are receiving notes to inquire if they would like to continue the accommodation.  Failure to respond may lead to the conclusion of this accommodation.

You may find that you no longer need a note-taker due to the course design changes. For example, lectures that feature prerecorded videos can be watched at your own pace. Some instructors however may still opt for scheduled class meetings with real-time communication warranting the continuation of a note taker accommodation.

All note-takers who are required for their respective courses will receive compensation for their notes.

Q: Will online instruction affect accommodations for additional time for assignments? 

Existing accommodations provided for in-person instruction will continue during online instruction, though modifications may be warranted in some cases. Please contact your instructors to discuss any additional barriers presented by changes to the course format. Let OAE know if you require any assistance.

Q: With the switch to online instruction, I anticipate barriers and would like to request new accommodations. What are my next steps? 

If you are not currently registered with OAE or would like to modify your current accommodation plan, please contact Jean Grant (jmg4) and make an appointment to speak with GL Wallace, the Director of the Office of Accessible Education.