HART Application Information

The Office of Accessible Education reviews all housing accommodation requests made to the Housing Accommodations Review Team (HART) due to a disability or health-related reason. The HART process allows you to provide a rationale for your housing accommodation request through student narrative and documentation from your healthcare provider. Once the OAE has received your request and documentation via the process outlined below, we will work interactively with you to identify the appropriate accommodation and communicate our recommendation to the HART committee. 

Our review and recommendation provides the HART committee and the Office of Campus Life with the information they need to identify the best housing options available. Please note that the HART process can only identify reasonable housing accommodations — it cannot provide tailored housing choices.  The determination made by HART after the review process is final.    

The HART Process

In order to request housing accommodations, you first need to submit an initial HART request through the Housing Portal. You will complete the General Housing Lottery form, and in that form, you will be able to identify that you need Housing Accommodations.

If you select the “Disability/Medical/Psychological” category for your HART request in the Housing portal, you will receive an email from our office regarding next steps in the process, including information on the OAE HART Petition Form and what documentation is required from your healthcare provider.

There are two required sections of the OAE HART Petition Form:

Part I: Student Narrative

A fillable pdf version of the HART form document can be found at this link. Please download and open in Adobe to make use of the fillable boxes.

When complete, you can upload it to our office by logging into Accommodate and going to Accommodation > Supplemental > Add New and completing the request form. If you do not have a file yet and do not have the option to complete the supplemental request form, please go to this link to open a case file and upload documentation.

If you would like to add documentation for the same request after submitting the Accommodation Request form/Supplemental Request form, please upload the documentation by navigating to Accommodation > Documents > Add New Document.

Part II: Provider Statement

Part II of the form must be completed by a licensed healthcare professional who has provided treatment for your disability or limiting condition. Once your doctor has returned the form and their letter to you, you can upload it to our office by following the above instructions.

Parts I and II can be uploaded together as one document or separately as they are completed.

Once you have submitted both sections of your HART request, please schedule a meeting so that we may move your request forward to review. Meeting links should be sent with the automatic email you receive when you file a housing request under Disability/Medical/Psychological. HART applications that do not contain both components of the application will not be able to be reviewed.

HART Application Forms

Our office will send these forms to all students who have submitted HART requests via the Housing portal. If you would like to preview the form, or you are having trouble locating the email, you can click below to download the form you will need to submit for your HART petition.

HART Petition Form (contains Parts I-II)