HART Application Information

The HART information form and process are designed to allow you to provide a rationale for a housing accommodation appeal through narrative and documentation of need. This process provides the Office of Accessible Education with information used to assess the appropriate accommodation.  The process subsequently provides the HART Committee and the Office of Campus Life with an opportunity to identify the best housing options available.  The HART process can only provide a review of your appeal to identify reasonable housing accommodations.  The HART process cannot provide tailored housing choices.  The determination made by HART after the review process is final.    

In order to request Housing Accommodations, you first need to submit a HART request through the Housing website. For requests for Academic Year 2022 – 2023, you will complete the General Housing Lottery form, and in that form, you will be able to select that you need Housing Accommodations. If you select the “Disability/ Medical” category, you will receive information from our office regarding the next steps in the HART process.

Once you have submitted a HART request, you will receive an email from our office containing information regarding what forms you need to fill out, and documentation is required from a Care Provider. You can fill out the “Part 1: Student Narrative” Form directly on our website by going to the “Housing Student Narrative Form” page in our menu.

You can fill this form out directly online by clicking here.

You may also fill out the form on your computer and upload it to us using the following link:


You can also use the above link to upload the required documentation from your Care Provider.

HART Requirements

Please note, all students applying for Housing Accommodations under the Disability/ Medical category will be required to submit up-to-date documentation that includes the Part:II Certification of Diagnosis and Part III: Letter from Health Care Provider, as well as a signed Release of Information form. HART applications that do not submit these components of the application will not be able to be reviewed.


HART Application Forms

Our office will send these forms to all students who have submitted HART requests via the Housing portal. If you would like to preview the form, or you are having trouble locating the email you can click below to down the forms you will need to submit for your HART petition.

HART Petition Form

Release of Information