Accessibility Coordinators

OAE employs student staff for a number of positions, including accessibility coordinators (more information below) and accessibility aids. Contact Jean Grant for more information.

Accessibility Coordinators are an essential part of the Office of Accessible Education. They provide support for key functions of the office and are important actors in the effort to disseminate information about disability and mental-health related issues. Accessibility Coordinators are the student-face of the Office of Accessible Education. The list of duties include:

  • Accessibility Office Support: Accessibility Coordinators will provide support in the provision of accommodations to students in a number of ways. While staffing the front desk, coordinators will provide information on how to schedule an appointment with a member of staff, take phone calls, and provide information to students about office resources and procedures. Coordinators with carry out their duties in a manner that respects the privacy and dignity of our students.
  • Creating on-campus programming/Presentations: Coordinators will have the opportunity to organize events on campus during the school year or represent the Office of Accessible Education at events or through presentations to students, their families or student groups. The events planned must enhance awareness of accessibility, disability or mental health issues at Williams College. The events will be designed to provide outreach to any specific constituency of Williams College such as students, faculty, staff or alumni.
  • RSVP Program Coordination/Presentation: The RSVP program is designed to convey basic skills for students related to classroom preparation and engagement as well as fostering relationships among faculty. The program also acts as a means of identifying avenues of additional support for students when an accommodation is warranted.
  • Exam Assistance: Accessibility Coordinators may provide assistance to students receiving accommodations by supporting their ability to complete exams or quizzes. Coordinators provide support to students receiving accommodations by providing a conduit for communication with professors. Students who require a limited-distraction environment or additional time for an exam or quiz may not be able to take an exam at the same site or time as other students in a course. Or like any other student, students receiving accommodations may need to take exams at alternate times and sites. Accessibility Coordinators may be deployed to assist students when a question about their exam arises. Coordinators may be tasked with providing faculty contact information to a student when requested. Coordinators may be asked to provide accurate information about where and under what specific circumstances and exam or quiz is to be turned in.