Our mission

Our mission is to provide students of all abilities access to the rigor and rewards of the Williams College curriculum and residential experience, which includes arranging for reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities. Through faculty, staff, and peer support, as well as formalized accommodations, we encourage students to become confident advocates for their educational experiences at Williams College. Students who are engaged in the process of seeking documentation to support a request for accommodation may be eligible for temporary accommodation(s). Please contact G.L. Wallace (glw3), Ky Gerbush (klg3), or Jean Grant (jmg4) for more information. Although the process for accommodations at this time necessitates that students may have a documented disability, we recognize that the pathway to documenting disability may be limiting and disabling in its own way. If you are having trouble gaining documentation or are experiencing a temporary disability, we still encourage you to reach out to the OAE.

Meet the OAE staff

G. L. M. Wallace
Director of Accessible Education
Paresky Center , Rm 203
Jean M. Grant
Assistant to the Director
Paresky Center , Rm 203
Katy Evans
Assistant Director of Accessible Education
Paresky Center , Rm 203