A Physical Connection

Barbara Ernst Prey ’79—whose watercolor paintings hang in private and public collections including the White House and NASA headquarters—was commissioned to paint Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Arts’ Building 6 ahead of its opening this month. The painting, which depicts the interior of the building before it was renovated into gallery… Continue reading »

The Art and Craft of Subtitles

Lovers of French cinema likely know the names Godard, Audiard, Denis and Desplechin. But the true devotee—the person who stays to the very end to read all the credits—may recognize the name Litvack. Andrew Litvack ’87 is a French-to-English translator who focuses on film subtitling, one of the least glamorous… Continue reading »

Breelyn Karno ’20

Thank you. These words seem somewhat inadequate to express the depth of gratitude that I owe you, but I hope they will suffice. My name is Breelyn Karno. I hail from a small town in rural Wisconsin where we have more cows and corn than people. Without you,… Continue reading »

Cameron Helm ’18

Greetings from Williamstown! My name is Cameron Helm. I am a member of the awesome Class of 2018, and I want to extend my thanks for your generous contribution to the Alumni Fund. Your generosity is far-reaching and much appreciated, as it will not only help those like… Continue reading »

Kevin Coakley ’20

Hi! My name is Kevin Coakley, and I am a member of the Class of 2020. Thank you so much for contributing to the Alumni Fund. Know that, by donating, you are allowing all current and future students to enjoy the fantastic experience that Williams provides, one… Continue reading »