Guided Entry

Early last fall, a group of first-year students who didn’t know each other very well walked to the tennis courts carrying large posters and wearing as much purple and gold as they could find. They settled on the grass and cheered as loudly as they could for their classmate, Maya. Continue reading »

Biographer Stacy Schiff ’82 to receive an honorary degree

Acclaimed biographer Stacy Schiff ’82 says she was “tenderly taken care of” as a Williams undergraduate. In this C-SPAN interview, she recalls the college as a place where a “fabulous faculty” cultivated open minds to create “a tremendously good education in terms of writing.” Photo by Elena Seibert Schiff’s… Continue reading »

Award-Winning Student Research

In a corner of his office, Steven Swoap, professor and chair of biology, has a stool with two dancing mice drawn on it. While the pair more closely resemble Beatrix Potter characters than actual rodents, Swoap and his thesis students Rebecca Maher, Uttara Partap, and Christine Schindler have a strictly… Continue reading »

Museum Lends Art to Students

Imagine this: You’re a student in your second semester at Williams, and you check out a Cézanne from the Williams College Museum of Art, the way you might check out Moby Dick from the library. Now you can. Continue reading »

Elementary Physics

Local fourth-graders were wowed by physics demonstrations in Professor David Tucker-Smith’s lab on campus. Students and faculty members walking through Thompson Physics on Monday afternoon found themselves peeking into a classroom full of 60 fourth-graders from Williamstown Elementary School eagerly watching a demonstration by David Tucker-Smith, associate professor of physics. Continue reading »

A Great Day of Service

Ten dozen donuts and bagels, 100 granola bars, 5 boxes of coffee, 150 bag lunches, and 150 T-shirts. That’s what it took to fuel 150 Williams students who fanned out across 14 nearby schools, churches, and nonprofit organizations for this year’s Great Day of Service in April.   The women’s… Continue reading »