Band of Brothers

I remember my classmate Myong-Ku Ahn ’63 as a pleasant guy, rather quiet. I didn’t know him well, but sophomore year we did share meals at the Alpha Delta Phi house, where several classmates and I had pledged that fall. From Williams Magazine, Spring 2013. Continue reading »

Computer Science 25th Anniversary

When Andrea Danyluk joined the computer science faculty in 1993, the college asked what equipment she would need for her work. Her request of a SPARCstation 20, with four 50MHz processors, 512 MB of memory, and 1.05 GB of disk space and a separate 10 GB external hard drive was… Continue reading »

Spring Break: Broadening Horizons

During spring break, Williams students scatter to the four winds. Some train with their teams or tour with performance groups. Others pursue academic research. But for a large number of students, spring break is a time to learn about and serve in communities as diverse as New Orleans, Nicaragua, and… Continue reading »