A Grounded Identidad

Oscar Rios (left) and his brother William are dressed to the nines in this 1956 photograph. Puerto Ricans often confounded the rigid black-white-only racial order of Chicago. Members of the Rios family shared stories of how each negotiated conceptions of race and space, citizenship and belonging. As a young girl… Continue reading »

What Sawyer Said

When CBS News rolled into Williamstown in February 1964 for an interview with President John E. Sawyer ’39 and University of Texas Chancellor Harry Ransom, the college was on the cusp of a decade of transformation. Some elements of Sawyer’s vision for Williams, such as the phasing out of fraternities,… Continue reading »

Winter Storm Information

Governor Deval Patrick has declared a state of emergency and banned cars from the road beginning at 4 p.m. today. Staff should coordinate with their supervisors for early release, allowing time for individuals to arrive home by 4pm. Essential staff providing critical services are exempt from the ban and will… Continue reading »