The Significance of Place

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By Julia Munemo Williams faculty members Henry Art and Mark Taylor are neighbors on the southern end of a hilly, rocky ridge that holds a special place in the heart of Williamstown. Stone Hill was named by mid-18th century European settlers who cleared the land for farms, and today much of it has reverted to

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Critical Making at WCMA

Publication Studio, now at the museum, allows visitors to explore critical making–bridging the gap between the creative and the physical.

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Laylah Ali’s “John Brown Song!”

The web-based project by art professor Laylah Ali ’91focuses on the legacy of white abolitionist John Brown.

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The Scholar’s Rock

Original and extraordinary, artist Zhan Wang’s artwork serves as inspiration.

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Inspiring Collaboration

“Light is a source of inspiration,” says Williams art major Nicolei Gupit ’13. “And I wanted this space to be inspirational.” The space to which she’s referring is a small room called Studio 1781 in Williamstown’s Mount Greylock Regional School. Gupit spent the week between exams and Commencement transforming the space by painting its white

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