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Share your thoughts with us about Daring Change! You can comment on the changes President Sawyer oversaw in Looking Back, on President Falk’s virtual discussion with Jack Sawyer, and on the four sessions that speculate about the future of Williams:  How Will We Learn?, What Will We Learn?, Who Will We Be?, and What Difference Will We Make?.

11 thoughts on "Share Your Thoughts"

  1. Daring Change says:

    Looking back at the Williams of 50-years ago, what do you think of the changes President Jack Sawyer oversaw?

    • J.D. says:

      The effects of ending the fraternity system are evident today–every time a visitor to the campus asks where the greek houses are. Jack Sawyer’s legacy reverberates as vital history as the story of Williams fraternities and their demise is shared.

      • Paige Wilkinson says:

        Also, making Williams co-ed and expanding curriculum to non-Western studies has created a new Williams. There are different thoughts, communal ideals, and just a renewed community that were fundamentally changed with these shifts that can be owed to his legacy.

  2. Daring Change says:

    What do you think of the points President Falk makes in his virtual conversation with Jack Sawyer? Do you agree? Disagree?

  3. Daring Change says:

    Comment here on the session How Will We Learn?, which featured Satyan Devadoss, Sophia Rosenfeld ’15, and Christina Olsen.

    • MYD says:

      I really appreciated Professor Devadoss sort of rebranding of the “Renaissance (wo)man.” As an American Studies major (which is an interdisciplinary discipline in itself) who specializes in Performance Studies and has a concentration in Latino/a Studies, I often find that my understanding of the theories I learn in class inform the way I write plays and approach performance. Similarly, my performance experience informs how I understand and discuss these very ideologies and theoretical frameworks. And that is just one example of how the multi-facetedness of academics at Williams has shaped my thought-process and approach to learning that Professer Devadoss so eloquently demonstrates in this talk.

    • ACH says:

      Professor Devadoss is a treasure at Williams – he’s right, the walls between disciplines are already broken down, but it’s so important to take that further. Looking back on my time at Williams, I was absolutely encouraged to forage for interdisciplinary connections and I guarantee that this formed the foundation for how I think. I have a much more analytical and critical understanding of the world that can be applied anywhere. Being able to emphasize and carry on these interconnections is definitely critical to the future of Williams.

  4. Daring Change says:

    Comment here on the session What Will We Learn?, which featured Jeannie Albrecht, Leslie Brown, and Rick Spalding.

  5. Daring Change says:

    Comment here on the session Who Will We Be?, which featured Chris Winters, Charles B. Dew, and Olivia Polk.

    • M.A.S. says:

      I love Olivia Polk’s visually-inflected way of talking about the Williams community. The “identity fitness landscape”–what a great image! She brings up a key point about our need to deepen as well as broaden our engagement with what “identity” can mean–and how we each embody multiple selves every day.

  6. Daring Change says:

    Comment here on the session What Difference Will We Make?, which featured Ifiok Inyang ’11, Kairav Sinha ’15, and Meg Bossong ’05.

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