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Williams’ latest literary and arts publication is the outcome of a Winter Study project this past January.

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Whom Would You Elect?


A course on the American presidency combines two modern phenomena—TV campaign ads and technology—to study the early days of the republic.

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Video Interns

The Video Intern Program gives students hands-on experience with video editing, storyboarding, and animation in a professional setting.

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Re-imagining Voice


Choral director Brad Wells’ ensemble Roomful of Teeth brings renowned artists and composers from all over the world to the Berkshires to create brand new sounds together.

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Room to Learn


When vast amounts of human scholarship are as close as the nearest smartphone, what’s the future for libraries at Williams?

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Beyond the 1 Percent


Three economics professors contribute to the national conversation on income inequality in insightful, relevant ways.

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Students taking “Landscape Photography” during Winter Study increase their awareness of the world.

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Decoding Earth’s History


Geosciences professor Ronadh Cox shares her thoughts on deep time, the origins of life and the stunningly young field of geology.

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Function and Form

Calligraphy with Scarlett Jang

Students learn the history of Chinese calligraphy and then try their hands at recreating the art form in professor Ju-Yu Scarlett Jang’s art history class.

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Communal Singing Creating Ties

Williams Choirs in South Africa

Williams students share and learn singing styles in South Africa over Winter Study.

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