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Magna Carta on View at the Clark

An original copy of Magna Carta—a document sealed by King John in 1215—can be seen at the Clark alongside a host of important documents of American political thought on loan from Williams.

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Why Liberal Arts?

Hopkins Gate at Williams College

Amid a national conversation about the value of a college degree—and of the liberal arts specifically—Williams has launched a year-long effort to examine and discuss the educational experience it provides.

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It’s Mountain Day!

Williams students headed for the hills for a day of outdoor community celebration.

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A New Center for Educational Technology

One of the least expected and most exciting features of Williams’ new Sawyer Library is the Center for Educational Technology, which occupies half of the second floor. “The CET provides a huge expansion in engagement between the Office for Information Technology and the community,” says Jonathan Morgan-Leamon, director of instructional technology. “Most services that were previously available

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Eph vs. Eph

Two Williams alumni vie for the same congressional seat.

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A Thousand Moms and Fred Elia ’79

Fred Elia ’79 founds a statewide New York network to give voice to neglected youth.

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Elizabeth Suda ’05 works with Lao artisans to transform bombs into beautiful jewelry.

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Moving Knowledge

What does it take to move the college’s rare books and archival collections? Expertise, diligence, and even a little sleuthing.

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The Country as Classroom

2004 Graduates Jen Lazar, Annie Moore, and Heather Foran lead the Field Academy

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The Country of Football

World Cup Football

History professor Roger Kittleson’s new book looks at Brazil through the lens of that country’s most popular sport.

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