These student profiles showcase the impact alumni and parent contributions have on the current students of the college.

Want to write your own profile? Profiles should include your name and class year and a brief (250-300 word) description of your experiences while at Williams. Profiles should thank Eph Alumni for their support, but the exact format is up to you! Send completed profiles to Laura Day in the Alumni Fund office.

Pat Megley ’14

Pat Megley

“I’ve begun to realize that an education is not just about one class, or even four years in one place: it is the beginning of a lifelong process of discovery that will take me in many, often unexpected, directions. That, for me, is the gift of being a student at Williams.”

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Annie Longobardo ’14

Annie Longobardo

“It was my first English class at Williams and the first day I was intimidated by the strong group of women sitting around the seminar table. But that group of thirteen women became my close friends, with all of us learning about each other and ourselves; this is one of the things I love about Williams: friendship can appear in surprising places.”

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Richard Beaton ’14

Richard Beaton

“The most amazing aspects of Williams are the opportunities outside the classroom. I’ve been lucky enough to make the football and track and field teams where I’ve bonded with my teammates and made friendships which will last long past my days here. The overwhelming feeling of acceptance and belonging makes Williams a special place to me. The professors are willing to find time to work one on one if requested and, no matter what sport it is, the coaches know your academics take priority…”

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Anna Marrs ’13

Anna Marrs

“This is the reason that Williams is and has been so special to me. Each person on campus finds a smaller community in his or her own niche, which creates strong feelings of belonging….It is these connections which make Williams such a vibrant community, of which you and I will always be a part, as these bonds and relationships transcend the four years spent in the beautiful Berkshires. Thank you. Your support helps make this place continue to be such a welcoming home and allows us each to find the place where we truly feel we belong.”

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Aimee Dennett ’13

Aimee Dennett

“My Williams education, made possible in part by your gift, will follow me through life. Thank you so much for helping Williams continue to provide amazing opportunities for my classmates and for me.”

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Austin Nguyen ’15

Austin Nguyen

“I now understand what it means to have two homes – a home into which you are born and a home that you later seek out in terms of what you value most. My deepest gratitude goes to Williams for providing the latter.”

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